replaySchedule is a c-based program to generate a recording schedule (A.K.A to-do list) in the form of an html file for ReplayTV 4000/4500/5000/5500 DVR series for those using ethernet connection. The html output lists shows to be recorded by one or more of your DVRs as well as any potential conflicting recordings and the ones likely to be recorded. You also have the option to have the program list potential recordings you may be missing, perhaps due to changes in scheduling.

You can also generate an xml file output to be used as the input file to Lee Thompson's Personal ReplayGuide utility. There is a "Todo" list generator in that program which uses replaySchedule as it's engine.

Sample html outputs (to-do lists)

1. RTV with few recordings and no conflicts
2. RTV with many recordings and conflicts
3. Modified color scheme using configuration file
4. Multiple RTVs, and including "missed" shows and leaving out Theme matches (NEW FEATURES)
5. Listings of shows already recorded (--recorded option) (NEW FEATURE)

Obtaining TV Listings 

Zap2it DataDirect Account  
Methods 1 & 2 below use Zap2it DataDirect listings and require you to setup an account with Zap2it (SIGNUP IS FREE). See the 'readme' file link below for more details on how to signup. Use either method 1 or 2 below to download TV listings once you have setup your DataDirect account.

Method 1. xmltv 0.5.31 DataDirect
You can use the xmltv tv_grab_na_dd program for downloading program schedules in xmltv format. (Note: previously this program used tv_grab_na listings but the new DataDirect listings are much faster and more reliable to download so are now used instead). See the 'readme' link below for details on how to download listings using this method.

Method 2. DataDirect Perl client (Fastest method but requires Perl to be installed)
replaySchedule can parse the DataDirect XML file syntax directly, so you can avoid the overhead of xmltv tv_grab_na_dd program converting to xmltv syntax by using the Perl script included in the replaySchedule distribution. See the 'readme' link below for more details (and information on where to download Perl).

Method 3. xmltv 0.5.31
You can use the xmltv tv_grab_na program for downloading program schedules in xmltv format. This is the traditional means of downloading TV listings and DOES NOT require a DataDirect account. However, note that this method is MUCH, MUCH slower than the above two methods. See the 'readme' link below for details on how to download listings using this method.


readme (Please Read)
release notes


Latest version: 116.42 (May 20, 2005)
C source code:
Known to compile on these Operating Systems: win32, linux, FreeBSD, osx, solaris
win32 executable (zipped)
linux RedHat i386 executable (gzipped)
Sample configuration file

Project Page

The Sourceforge project page for this program (where CVS is located) is sharing Lee Thompson's Personal ReplayGuide located at

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