Personal ReplayGuide

Personal ReplayGuide is a package of Perl scripts and utilities to provide a local, personal, web-based tvlistings service directly integrated with ReplayTVs running the 5.0 software. (4.x versions of the software cannot remotely schedule programming.)

If you just want to use this for a personal tvlistings application, the ReplayTV support is actually optional.


By default the listings show programming from the current day and hour.    Programs that have ended are shown in dark gray, programs that are in progress are light gray.   Programs in the future are always in white. To schedule a show on any your ReplayTVs, simply click on the program title!

"Scheduled Shows"
Listings are integrated with local ReplayTV units.   Shows that are recurring are listed with two red dots, just like on your ReplayTV. Hovering the cursor over any ReplayTV icons indicate which ReplayTV on your network has scheduled the show as a tooltip.

A fast search engine is included, like the regular listings shows in the future are in white, shows in progress light gray and missed shows in dark gray. ReplayTV icons are also shown for scheduled programming. You can click on the date to show complete listings from that day and hour and like the program listings, you can click on the program title to schedule it on a ReplayTV!

A standardized toolbox is always on the top of each web page. Features "NOW", a date/time selector, ability to change the number of hours shown, you can limit the channels shown, jump back a "page", jump forward a "page" and search for your favorite programming!

Schedule a show on any of your ReplayTVs on the network. Choose your usual options such as days to record, number of episodes to keep and so on!

Personal ReplayGuide now supports skinning with the ability to use icons for ratings, attributes etc.

"Program Details"
The program details/schedule a recording screen.

"Schedule Recording"
Scheduling a recording is easy with Personal ReplayGuide.

"Confirm Selection"
Confirming a recording.


System Requirements 

Personal ReplayGuide is dependant on four other software packages:

  1. Perl
  2. A supported database server (such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL)
  3. A web server that supports CGI
  4. XMLTV*

These must all be installed and properly configured before Personal ReplayGuide can be installed and configured.  In general the best install order is: Web Server, Perl, Database, XMLTV.

*XMLTV is currently the only supported method of importing listings into the database. Other sources of TV listing data may be adapted to this program using xmltv2sql as a guide.







Personal ReplayGuide Releases
replaySchedule web page

Project Page

The SourceForge.NET project page for this program is located at Logo