June 2006
Kevin Moye


This is a modified version of the VideoLAN VLC 0.8.5 media player (http://videolan.org/vlc/) with several enhancements added for playback of ReplayTV (4000/4500/5000/5500 series) mpegs. Chief among the enhacements is the ability to automatically skip commercials during playback without any interaction from the user (same as the ReplayTV Commercial Advance feature when viewing on a Replay). This works with DVArchive to stream files directly from your ReplayTV(s) and can also be used for playback of downloaded shows from your ReplayTV(s). Consult the README-replaytv.txt for full details of the enhancements.

Index of files

1. README-replaytv.txt - Full details of the enhancements
2. RELNOTES.txt - release notes
3. vlc-0.8.5-replaytv.zip - zip file containing win32 installation. See README link above for install details.
4. vlc-0.8.5-replaytv-patch.tar - tar file containing source code modifications over standard vlc-0.8.5 code
5. COMPILE_FROM_SOURCE_win32.txt - Instructions on how to compile VLC from scratch for win32 platform